Dessert of the day

All desserts are made fresh on the premisis and may vary day to day


Tiramisu: An elegant and rich layered Italian dessert made with delicate ladyfinger cookies, espresso, mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, Marsala wine, rum and cocoa powder.
Lotus biscoff cheesecake: Crushed lotus biscuits in the crust, creamy lotus in the filling and melted spread on top with lotus crumbs to finish. It off
Fresh strawberry tart: Fresh strawberries arranged on a layer of pasty cream within a baked sweet tart shell
Baklava: A layered dessert made out of filo pastry, filled with chopped nuts, and sweetened with syrup
Vanilla ice-cream: Served with either hot chocolate fudge 0r salted caramel fudge (GF)
Sorbet assortment: Consists of three scoops, with the choice of Lemon (V), mixed berries (DF,GF) and mango (DF,GF)
Turkish delights: Turkish delight or lokum is a family of confections based on a gel of starch and sugar. Consists of a walnut inside the middle of the rose water flavoured delight
Affogato: Consists of two scoops of French vanilla ice-cream, served with a shot of hot espresso, and can be served with a shot of liqueur